Wine class on wine and food pairing around different wine styles and French and Italian fine wines.

After a quick introduction on wine basics and how to taste wine, we discuss separately the sensations of a dish and the sensations of a wine as an introduction to wine and food pairing.

We will then study the 9 rules for a successful wine and food pairing accompanied by an example in tasting of a met and wine agreement to each rule.

We will see how to recognize and define a good wine and food pairing with the following wine characteristics:

  • The wine minerality
  • Wine Acidity
  • The bouquet of a wine
  • Intensity and aromatic persistence,
  • The sweetness,
  • The alcohol,
  • The roundness and wine body,
  • Tannins for red wines,
  • Effervescence and Champagne particular case.

The course concludes with practical exercises around wine and food pairing and then presenting the main rules for wine and food pairing from France and Italy.

vin table coloree fromages et accords mets vins

The highlights of the course accord wines

  • Wine basic Class and wine style and quality assessment as an introduction to wine and food pairing class,
  • 9 rules of wine and food pairing and 9 great wine tasting with their 9 pairing dishes,
  • Practical workshops and exercises around wine and food pairing,
  • The main wine and food pairing around French wines and Italian wines
  • A private sommelier at your disposal
  • Small group wine tasting

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