Fine and original wine tasting around Mediterranean countries, marine soils and diversity of wine styles

In the footsteps of Ulysses, discover 6 atypical wines from Croatia, Lebanon, Spain, Corsica, Italy (Apulia), and the island of Santorini in Greece. The influence of Mediterranean Sea, the exceptional marine soil and each country’s culture diversity participate in diversity in wine expressions.

picture of greece landscape
santorini mediterranean view with wines

Mediterranean cruise wine tasting highlights

  • 6 different wine countries recognized worldwide for their quality: Croatia, Lebanon, Spain, Corsica, Italy (Apulia), and the island of Santorini in Greece
  • 1 plate of Mediterranean dished tapas to pair with wines to provide a full Mediterranean gastronomy experience
  • Wines come from a selection of authentic vineyards renown locally for their quality work and respect of traditions and environment. You will have few opportunities to taste these fine and rare wines that comes from very small parcels, and that our winemaker rarely exports.
  • A private sommelier at your disposal
  • Small group wine tasting
  • Wine tasting class and oenology tips on preserving, ageing and serving wines

Mediterranean cruise wine tasting details

After an introduction to wine tasting method, you will discover differences between floral and iodized notes while tasting two white local grape varieties of Croatia and Corsica. You will explore history of wine anecdotes from Greek antiquity to the Romans around two different red wines. You will discover the uniqueness of Greece and Italian wine culture while tasting an Apulia typical red wine and a Santorini island wine and their typical and traditional basket viticulture. Then we will introduce you to winemaking of red wines, and you will learn the influence of the oak on the wine style while tasting a Spanish and Lebanon red wines.

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