Discover around historical anecdotes, the favorite royal wines of some famous French icons who had made France history

From prestigious Gevrey Chambertin, one of the greatest wines of Burgundy, rosé luxury champagne of Riceys, you will also taste delicate Romorantin expression, a floral and rare grape of Loire, Savagnin yellow wine and its tasty and typical nut notes, and Bordeaux, which wouldn’t have been so yet worldwide renowned without Eleanor of Aquitaine investment.

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Favorite wines of royal icons wine tasting highlights

  • 5 great favorite wines of famous royal icons
  • 1 plate of cheese to pair with wines to provide a full wine pairing and French gastronomy experience
  • A private sommelier at your disposal
  • Private wine tasting

Favorite wines of royal icons wine tasting details

  • Bordeaux & Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122-1204) - The rise of Bordeaux’s reputation worldwide

What would have been Bordeaux wine today if Eleanor of Aquitaine was not there? This historical example shows how women had a very important influence in wine development. Eleanor of Aquitaine was a famous queen in Aquitaine, she created commercial freedoms that allowed the Bordeaux vineyards to develop abroad and particularly in England at this time, which had contributed to the rise of Bordeaux’s reputation, Bordeaux which was the favorite wine of the duchess.

  • Cour Cheverny & François 1er (1515-1547) - The king and the knight, builder, protector of arts and letters

Romorantin, a rare white wine grape of Loire region, was the favorite wine of François 1er, French famous king for his Renaissance art passion especially from Leonard de Vinci who was invited to live in Clos Lucet closes to the king who gave him many projects to undertake. on the terroir of Cour-Cheverny at the foot of the prestigious Chambord Castle of Loire, unique land with siliceous soils, the romorantin offers fine, fruity and pleasant wines with notes of apricot, peach, honey and white flowers, a wine that combines power, liveliness, finesse and excellent ability to age.

  • Arbois & Henri IV (1553-1610) - One of the Paris urbanism precursor of Louvre and famous places in Paris

You will discover the gold of the Jura, the yellow wine with its typical nut flavors, the favorite wine of Henry IV, for which it exists only 4 domains who is producing it made from Savagnin wine grape a local wine grape of Jura with a typical wine making process. Savagnin wine offer a great wine pairing experience with local cheese dishes like Savoyard fondue.

  • Riceys & Louis XIV (1638-1715) : The famous king of France, the Great (Louis le Grand) or the Sun King (Roi Soleil)

Let’s have a tour in Reims and its famous region of Champagne. Even if Bordeaux and Burgundy wines were present at Louis XIV court, did you know that the favorite daily wine of Louis XIV was a rosé champagne? Some six hundred stonemasons from the Riceys worked on the construction of the Palace of Versailles. They made him taste the wine they brought with them Riceys. This is how the Riceys wine was known to Louis XIV and became the favorite wine at the court of the roi soleil.

  • Grevey Chambertin & Napoleon 1er (1769-1821) - The military strategic genius, the 1st French emperor

One of the greatest wine of Burgundy renowned for its quality, Gevrey Chambertin was Napoleon’s favorite wine, his everyday wine, which followed him in every military campaign, including in the heart of the most terrible battles

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