Fine French wines tasting class across the best French wine regions

You are in France for just few days, and you don’t have time to travel around all the French vineyards? If you want to learn wine basics while tasting the greatest French wines around a plate of fine cheese, you are at the right place!

plate of cheese and wines
wine and cheese plate

French wine tasting class highlights

  • 9 Fine Franch wines that come from a selection of authentic vineyards renown locally for their quality work and respect of traditions and environment. You will have few opportunities to taste these fine and rare wines that comes from very small parcels, and that our winemaker rarely exports.
  • A private sommelier at your disposal
  • Wine comparison two by two to improve basic wine appreciation experience
  • Small group wine tasting
  • Wine tasting class on French region terroir and wine grape varieties, how do the climate and wine making influence wine style ?
meursault bottle
chateauneuf du pape bottle sign
wine and cheese plate
sancerre bottle
gevrey chambertin bottle

Pictures for illustration purpose only, you may taste other references

French wine tasting details

After one glass of vintage Champagne and introduction to wine tasting method, we will bring you at the heart of freshness in the unique mineral soil of Loire while tasting Sancerre wine. You will be able to compare two different wine making process for white wine while comparing Sancerre with Meursault, one of the greatest burgundy white wines district made of Chardonnay and aged in oak. Then you will stay in Burgundy and taste one of the favorite wine of Napoleon 1st the famous French wine Gevrey Chambertin, one of the greatest burgundy red wine district. You will compare this Grand Cru with a prestigious Bordeaux Cru classé of Saint Emilion and discover the difference between a light fruity red wine and a full-bodied red wine French style. After discovering Riesling of Alsace, Côtes de Provence, Fitou wine of Languedoc, we will end the wine tasting with Rhône and the famous French wine Châteauneuf du Pape with its beautiful complexity and strongness.

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