Learn how to taste wine by discovering the main wine style in Europe

After introducing the basic wine notation grid, we will compare a "fresh" wine with a "solar" wine by tasting an Austrian Grüner Veltliner wine, and an Italian verdicchio wine. We will learn aroma differences, acidity, wine body for each. After a blind test between a German wine and Spanish wine, we will learn the particular case of mineral and oceanic wines by tasting a Santorini island white wine made of Assirtiko, and a lebanese red wine. We will finish this wine appreciation course by comparing red full bodied wine and light fruity wine by tasting Burgundy pinot noir and mysterious wine.

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Basic wine appreciation course highlights

  • Wine grid appreciation and how to evaluate quality and wine style
  • 8 different wine styles from 8 different European countries
  • Fresh, solar, fruity, full bodies, oceanic wine and influence of oak in red wines
  • A private sommelier at your disposal
  • Wine comparison two by two to improve basic wine appreciation experience
  • Small group wine tasting

Wine tasting class : basic wine appreciation course

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