Your private sommelier


With more than 4 years of experience in digital marketing in various fields, my passion for wine was gradually born in Banyul in France. I attended wine tasting classes and then oriented myself to this fascinating area.

I enrolled in the Wine and Spirit Education Trust program of London and graduate with the WSET level 3 with Merit, and get involved as an official jury in the Wine National competition organized by the French agriculture ministry in 2019.

After a short stay in California in 2016, I fell in love with a small wine, and from there sprouted the idea that some wines deserved to be known. Elite Wine Tasting project was there, with a double ambition:

- Help winemakers and promising areas to gain visibility by offering them my support in digital marketing,

- Browse the vineyards to bring back rare wines and share them with my community around private tastings to highlight the best terroirs that respect the environment and raise awareness around this cause.

Elite Wine Tasting values

sommelier wine tasting

I trust the experts and experience, not the wine label

You will taste wines only scored above 90/100 or "Excellent" according WSET3 scale, by myself and other wine experts. It means you will only experience excellent wines. For example you will taste a Chardonnay white Burgundy wine out of appellation from a small property in Auxerre rated 92/100 by Bettane & Desseauve, and other great sommelier from all over the world like in UK, China, Italy etc.

wine tasting senses mouth

I create an exclusive experience and highlight your senses

You will taste wines two by two from a worldwide selection, not only France. So you will discover plenty of different flavors and sensation and be able to compare it. For example we could taste the results of the blue clay of Rhône and Bordeaux, compared with  basaltic volcanic soil of lanzarote in Spain.

I aim to create an exclusive experience to transport you at the very heart of the magic alchemy of wine with the goal to highlight the importance of terroir and sustainable practices in the vineyard.

wine tasting on a boat

I meet the winemakers to select my wines

I also select the wine while traveling directly into the vineyard. It means you will experience the finest wines and the rare pearls not marketed because not yet known, that you can only find by traveling directly in the wine region.

Choosing the best wines rhymes with the knowledge of what is done around you and elsewhere. The world is vast and brings an incredible diversity of complex wines, which deserve to be known.